South Carolina Plantation Tours

Those who want to learn more about South Carolina’s rich history should make it a plan to visit the numerous plantations found within.

As one of the oldest cities in South Carolina and in the United States of America, Charleston is packed with history and culture. Plantation tours in Charleston offer the opportunity to learn more about the city’s stories of the past as well as the great wealth brought on by the magnificent establishments located in it.

South Carolina Plantation Tours

Drayton Hall

One of the best preserved manor homes in Charleston, Drayton Hall offers a stellar scene that takes you back to history. Explore one of the best examples of Palladian Architecture in the United States, with a grand pillared façade, symmetrical layout, and detailed interiors. It stands in glory amidst the landscape, not offering a single bad view from anywhere around the estate. Drayton Hall has seen and survived the American Revolution, the Civil War, numerous major earthquakes, hurricanes and urban development, which makes it all the more interesting to go to.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Famous for having, as many say, the best gardens along the Ashley, Magnolia features picturesque sites and landscapes. It is one of the oldest plantations in the state, and much of the garden’s features have already been restored. The Biblical Garden, with plants that are mentioned in the Bible, the Cypress Lake, indoor tropical garden, seven bridges and maze are all great attractions in Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. Because the manor home at Magnolia burned down in the civil war, Magnolia Gardens was reopened to be a tourist attraction. Hence, it is known to be one of the first man made tourist attractions in America.

Boone Hall

Boone Hall still stands as a working plantation to this day, making it one of the oldest working plantations in America. The crops are still grown and are still sustaining people after over 300 years. The atmospheric scene depicted by the Boone Hall makes it the most photographed plantation in America. Until now, it is known for its famous crops and products such as strawberry, fresh seafood, salsa, rice, homemade jams and jellies, marinades and a lot more. Boone Hall grips its visitors with its rich history and captivating environment.

Middleton Place

Middleton Place is regarded as the crowning glory of Ashley River. It is a haven for guests who are looking for a place to relax and enjoy a carriage ride around the estate. With perfectly manicured gardens, interesting exhibits and a guided tour of the house museum, Middleton Place is full of history. The main feature, however, is the Inn made up of a set of houses which may be more modernly constructed but features interior furnishings that are spectacular. It is the perfect romantic retreat as it is located in a very quiet section of the estate. The biggest feature of the inn is the huge bath tub that can double as a swimming pool in each of the houses. Staying in the inn will also allow you to experience Middleton Place more and to be conveniently near the historic landmark.