Louisiana Plantation Tours

There are numerous plantations in Louisiana that you and your family can visit. These places are rich in history and culture and will make for the perfect getaway.

Visiting sites that show culture and history can be the perfect getaway for vacations with family and friends. It can prove to be both educational and fun, and sometimes, it can even be an interesting adventure with the things you will see and encounter when you’re there.
Louisiana boasts in its famous Plantation Country, including the state capital of Baton Rouge and cosmopolitan New Orleans, going along the historic River Road located on the banks of the great Mississippi River. The Deep South offers you the chance to step back in time to see and experience Creole and African cultures, amazing properties, great wealth and violent deaths of the Civil War era.

Louisiana Plantation Tours

Famous Plantations in Louisiana

One of the most recognized plantations in Louisiana is Oak Alley. This is largely because of the film industry, since Oak Alley has been featured in multiple movies such as “Interview with the Vampire”, “Midnight Bayou” and other small productions. This plantation located in Vacherie, near New Orleans, is also the site of numerous special events and re-enactments because of its scenic beauty. Established in 1836, Oak Alley is full of history. This plantation is open to the public daily and offers guided tours everyday as well.

A teenager named Alcee Fortier frequented the Laura Plantation which was also located in Vacherie. He was very fascinated by Creole culture and kept a diary of all the folktales he heard in the slave cabins. Consequently, the setting of those stories can be seen on a guided tour to this plantation which is available daily.

Established in 1787, the Destrehan Plantation is the oldest known plantation in the Lower River Valley. It is owned by the River Road Historical Society and is located southwest of New Orleans, near Houma. It is also open to the public daily.

This particular plantation is very popular albeit not for the common reasons. The Myrtles Plantation, built in 1796, is famous because it is considered one of the most haunted locations in the United States. As such, it has been featured in different channels such as The Travel Channel, the History Channel and the National Geographic Explorer. The story behind the haunting starts with a man named Clark Woodruff, the second owner of The Myrtles Plantation, who was very fond of a slave girl whose name was Chloe. When his interest in her waned, she formed a plan to make the family ill for her to nurse them back to health. When Clark was away, she accidentally killed Clark’s wife, Sara, and their two daughters because she misjudged the amount of poisonous oleander she mixed into the family birthday cake. Chloe told the other slaves of her crime and they hung her and dumped her body in the river. Once Clark returned, he planted the crape myrtle trees in memory of his family and moved to New Orleans. Now, experts are debating whether Chloe existed but there are at least 12 deaths connected to the house.

Most properties in the Louisiana Plantation Tours are reported to be haunted; however; many do not advertise this fact. If you are interested in ghosts, you can ask the tour guides about their supernatural experiences and visit on Friday or Saturday nights.

Exploring Louisiana Plantations

It is very easy to drive to The River Road to visit the plantations on your own. Take your family with you and drive to bed-and-breakfast accommodations offered virtually on every community en route. This will give you a chance to set your own pace when visiting and explore sites that are less crowded and less expensive.